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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available November 1, 2024
  2. Keeping users engaged with mHealth applications is important but difficult to achieve. We describe the development of a smartphone-based application designed to promote health and wellness in church communities, along with mechanisms explicitly designed to maintain engagement. We evaluated religiously tailored techno-spiritual engagement mechanisms, including a prayer posting wall, pastor announcements, an embodied conversational agent for dialogue-based scriptural reflections and health coaching, and tailored push notifications. We conducted a four-week pilot study with 25 participants from two churches, measuring high levels of participant acceptance and satisfaction with all features of the application. Engagement with the app was higher for users considered to be more religious and correlated with the number of notifications received. Our findings demonstrate that our tailored mechanisms can increase engagement with an mHealth app 
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  3. null (Ed.)
  4. To overcome the effect of other components of complicated biological samples on nanopore stochastic sensing, displacement chemical reaction was utilized to selectively extract the target nucleic acid from whole blood. Given its simplicity and high sensitivity for detecting nucleic acids, our developed displacement chemistry-based nanopore sensing strategy offers the potential for fieldable/point-of-care diagnostic applications. 
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