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  1. Abstract

    It is well-known that the precision of a phase measurement with a Mach-Zehnder interferometer employing strong classic light can be greatly enhanced with the addition of weak nonclassical light. In the context of quantifying nonclassicality, the amount by which a nonclassical state can enhance precision in this way has been termed its ’metrological power’. To-date, the enhancement provided by weak nonclassical states has been calculated only for specific measurement configurations. Here we are able to optimize over all measurement configurations to obtain the maximum enhancement that can be achieved by any single or multi-mode nonclassical state together with strong classical states, for local and distributed quantum metrology employing any linear or nonlinear single-mode unitary transformation. Our analysis reveals that the quantum Fisher information for quadrature-displacement sensing is the sole property that determines the maximum achievable enhancement in all of these different scenarios, providing a unified quantification of the metrological power.

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