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  1. Goda, Keisuke ; Tsia, Kevin K. (Ed.)
    We present a new deep compressed imaging modality by scanning a learned illumination pattern on the sample and detecting the signal with a single-pixel detector. This new imaging modality allows a compressed sampling of the object, and thus a high imaging speed. The object is reconstructed through a deep neural network inspired by compressed sensing algorithm. We optimize the illumination pattern and the image reconstruction network by training an end-to-end auto-encoder framework. Comparing with the conventional single-pixel camera and point-scanning imaging system, we accomplish a high-speed imaging with a reduced light dosage, while preserving a high imaging quality.
  2. We propose an end-to-end optimized adversarial deep compressed imaging modality. This method exploits the adversarial duality of the sensing basis and sparse representation basis in compressed sensing framework and shows solid super-resolution results.
  3. We propose a new imaging scheme of compressed sensing by scanning an illumination pattern on the object. Comparing with conventional single-pixel cameras, we expect a >50x increase in imaging speed with similar imaging quality.