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  5. Ground truth depth information is necessary for many computer vision tasks. Collecting this information is chal-lenging, especially for outdoor scenes. In this work, we propose utilizing single-view depth prediction neural networks pre-trained on synthetic scenes to generate relative depth, which we call pseudo-depth. This approach is a less expen-sive option as the pre-trained neural network obtains ac-curate depth information from synthetic scenes, which does not require any expensive sensor equipment and takes less time. We measure the usefulness of pseudo-depth from pre-trained neural networks by training indoor/outdoor binary classifiers with and without it. We also compare the difference in accuracy between using pseudo-depth and ground truth depth. We experimentally show that adding pseudo-depth to training achieves a 4.4% performance boost over the non-depth baseline model on DIODE, a large stan-dard test dataset, retaining 63.8% of the performance boost achieved from training a classifier on RGB and ground truth depth. It also boosts performance by 1.3% on another dataset, SUN397, for which ground truth depth is not avail-able. Our result shows that it is possible to take information obtained from a model pre-trained on synthetic scenes and successfully apply it beyond the synthetic domain to real-world data. 
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