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  1. Sankaranarayanan, S. ; Sharygina, N. (Ed.)
    Modern SAT solvers produce proofs of unsatisfiability to justify the correctness of their results. These proofs, which are usually represented in the well-known DRAT format, can often become huge, requiring multiple gigabytes of disk storage. We present a technique for semantic proof compression that selects a subset of important clauses from a proof and stores them as a so-called proof skeleton. This proof skeleton can later be used to efficiently reconstruct a full proof by exploiting parallelism. We implemented our approach on top of the award-winning SAT solver CaDiCaL and the proof checker DRAT-trim. In an experimental evaluation, we demonstrate that we can compress proofs into skeletons that are 100 to 5,000 times smaller than the original proofs. For almost all problems, proof reconstruction using a skeleton improves the solving time on a single core, and is around five times faster when using 24 cores. 
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  2. Sankaranarayanan, S. ; Sharygina, N. (Ed.)
    Mungojerrie is an extensible tool that provides a framework to translate linear-time objectives into reward for reinforcement learning (RL). The tool provides convergent RL algorithms for stochastic games, reference implementations of existing reward translations for omega-regular objectives, and an internal probabilistic model checker for omega-regular objectives. This functionality is modular and operates on shared data structures, which enables fast development of new translation techniques. Mungojerrie supports finite models specified in PRISM and omega-automata specified in the HOA format, with an integrated command line interface to external linear temporal logic translators. Mungojerrie is distributed with a set of benchmarks for omega-regular objectives in RL. 
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