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  1. Wasson, B. (Ed.)
    Visualization plays an important role in Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA), not only in graphical representation but also to facilitate interpretation and communicate research findings. However, there is no published description of the design features behind ENA network graphs. This paper provides this description from a graphic design perspective, focusing on the design principles that make ENA network graphs aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to understand. By reviewing graphic design principles and examining other extant network visualizations, we show how the current ENA network graphs highlight the most important network characteristics and facilitate sense-making. 
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  2. Wasson, B. ; Zörgő, S. (Ed.)
  3. Wasson, B. ; Zörgő, S. (Ed.)
  4. Wasson, B. ; Zörgő, S. (Ed.)
    Quantitative Ethnography is a nascent field now formulating the specifics of its conceptual framework and terminology for a unified, quantitative – qualitative methodology. Our living, systematic review aims to shed light on decisions in research design that the community has made thus far in the domain of data collection, coding & segmentation, analysis, and how Quantitative Ethnography as a methodology is conceptualized. Our analysis intends to spur discussions on these issues within the community and help establish a lingua franca. 
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  5. Wasson, B. ; Zörgő, S. (Ed.)