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Title: Fe 4 Cluster and a Buckled Macrocycle Complex from the Reduction of [(dmgBF 2 ) 2 Fe(L) 2 ] (L = MeCN, t Bu i NC)
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Inorganic Chemistry
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1980 to 1982
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National Science Foundation
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  1. It is well known that convergence rate of finite element approximation is suboptimal in theL2norm for solving biharmonic equations whenP2orQ2element is used. The goal of this paper is to derive a weak Galerkin (WG)P2element with theL2optimal convergence rate by assuming the exact solution sufficiently smooth. In addition, our new WG finite element method can be applied to general mesh such as hybrid mesh, polygonal mesh or mesh with hanging node. The numerical experiments have been conducted on different meshes including hybrid meshes with mixed of pentagon and rectangle and mixed of hexagon and triangle.

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