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Title: Influence of particle viscosity on mass transfer and heterogeneous ozonolysis kinetics in aqueous–sucrose–maleic acid aerosol

The ozonolysis kinetics of viscous aerosol particles containing maleic acid are studied. Kinetic fits are constrained by measured particle viscosities.

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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
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15560 to 15573
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National Science Foundation
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    Ligand-based mixed valent (MV) complexes of Al( iii ) incorporating electron donating (ED) and electron withdrawing (EW) substituents on bis(imino)pyridine ligands (I 2 P) have been prepared. The MV states containing EW groups are both assigned as Class II/III, and those with ED functional groups are Class III and Class II/III in the (I 2 P − )(I 2 P 2− )Al and [(I 2 P 2− )(I 2 P 3− )Al] 2− charge states, respectively. No abrupt changes in delocalization are observed with ED and EW groups and from this we infer that ligand and metal valence p-orbitals are well-matched in energy and the absence of LMCT and MLCT bands supports the delocalized electronic structures. The MV ligand charge states (I 2 P − )(I 2 P 2− )Al and [(I 2 P 2− )(I 2 P 3− )Al] 2− show intervalence charge transfer (IVCT) transitions in the regions 6850–7740 and 7410–9780 cm −1 , respectively. Alkali metal cations in solution had no effect on the IVCT bands of [(I 2 P 2− )(I 2 P 3− )Al] 2− complexes containing –PhNMe 2 or –PhF 5 substituents. Minor localization of charge in [(I 2 P 2− )(I 2 P 3− )Al] 2− was observed when –PhOMe substituents are included. 
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    The amplitude, duration, frequency, and predictability of runoff and inundation of aquatic habitats are key hydrological characteristics linked to aquatic ecosystem functioning and biodiversity, but they are seldom integrated into analyses of Amazon floodplain ecology. Remote sensing approaches, measurements and modelling of floodplain hydrology provide a basis for this integration.

    Effective legislation to protect floodplains and other wetlands depends on operational definitions that require application of hydrological data.

    Extent and changes of flooded areas are linked to fish diversity and to presence and growth of flooded forests and floating plants.

    Dam construction reduces river system connectivity and modifies the flood pulse, with major negative implications for floodplain ecosystems adapted to and dependent on a natural flood regime.

    Trends and variability in climate plus deforestation are altering the Amazon's hydrological cycle, causing changes in discharge and flooded area with concomitant ecological impacts.

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  5. Motivated by some variational problems from a nonlocal model of mechanics, this work presents a set of sufficient conditions that guarantee a compact inclusion in the function space of $ L^{p} $ vector fields defined on a domain $ \Omega $ that is either a bounded domain in $ \mathbb{R}^{d} $ or $ \mathbb{R}^{d} $ itself. The criteria are nonlocal and are given with respect to nonlocal interaction kernels that may not be necessarily radially symmetric. Moreover, these criteria for vector fields are also different from those given for scalar fields in that the conditions are based on nonlocal interactions involving only parts of the components of the vector fields. The $ L^{p} $ compactness criteria are utilized in demonstrating the convergence of minimizers of parameterized nonlocal energy functionals.

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