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Title: The Perception of Graph Properties in Graph Layouts
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Computer Graphics Forum
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169 to 181
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract. The longer the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, the more apparent it becomes that understanding its social drivers may be as important as understanding the virus itself. One such social driver is misinformation and distrust in institutions. This is particularly interesting as the scientific process is more transparent than ever before. Numerous scientific teams have published datasets that cover almost any imaginable aspects of COVID-19 during the last two years. However, consistently and efficiently integrating and making sense of these separate data “silos” to scientists, decision makers, journalists, and more importantly the general public remain a key challenge with important implications for transparency. Several types of knowledge graphs have been published to tackle this issue and to enable data crosswalks by providing rich contextual information. Interestingly, none of these graphs has focused on COVID-19 forecasts despite them acting as the underpinning for decision making. In this work we motivate the need for exposing forecasts as a knowledge graph, showcase queries that run against the graph, and geographically interlink forecasts with indicators of economic impacts. 
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  2. null (Ed.)
    The multilevel heuristic is an effective strategy for speeding up graph analytics, and graph coarsening is an integral step of multilevel methods. We perform a comprehensive study of multilevel coarsening in this work. We primarily focus on the graphics processing unit (GPU) parallelization of the Heavy Edge Coarsening (HEC) method executed in an iterative setting. We present optimizations for the two phases of coarsening, a fine-to-coarse vertex mapping phase, and a coarse graph construction phase. We also express several other coarsening algorithms using the Kokkos framework and discuss their parallelization. We demonstrate the efficacy of parallelized HEC on an NVIDIA Turing GPU and a 32-core AMD Ryzen processor using multilevel spectral graph partitioning as the primary case study. 
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