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Title: On Sharding Permissioned Blockchains.

Permissioned Blockchain systems rely mainly on Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols to establish consensus on the order of transactions. While Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols mostly guarantee consistency (safety) in an asynchronous network using 3f+1 machines to overcome the simultaneous malicious failure of any f nodes, in many systems, e.g., blockchain systems, the number of available nodes (resources) is much more than 3f + 1. To utilize such extra resources, in this paper we introduce a model that leverages transaction parallelism by partitioning the nodes into clusters (partitions) and processing independent transactions on different partitions simultaneously. The model also shards the blockchain ledger, assigns different shards of the blockchain ledger to different clusters, and includes both intra-shard and cross-shard transactions. Since more than one cluster is involved in each cross-shard transaction, the ledger is formed as a directed acyclic graph.
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IEEE International Conference on Blockchain
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National Science Foundation