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Title: Low-crosstalk few-mode EDFAs using retro-reflection for single-mode fiber trunk lines and networks
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Optics Express
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Article No. 35962
1094-4087; OPEXFF
Optical Society of America
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National Science Foundation
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  1. We present a scheme for spatial-mode-selective frequency conversion in a few-mode fiber and experimentally demonstrate upconversion of arbitrary superpositions of two signal modes from C-band to the fundamental mode in S-band with conversion efficiencies within 1 dB range of one another.
  2. GarcĂ­a-Blanco, Sonia M. ; Cheben, Pavel (Ed.)
    We present principles of leaky-mode photonic lattices explaining key properties enabling potential device applications. The one-dimensional grating-type canonical model is rich in properties and conceptually transparent encompassing all essential attributes applicable to two-dimensional metasurfaces and periodic photonic slabs. We address the operative physical mechanisms grounded in lateral leaky Bloch mode resonance emphasizing the significant influence imparted by the periodicity and the waveguide characteristics of the lattice. The effects discussed are not explainable in terms of local Fabry-Perot or Mie resonances. In particular, herein, we summarize the band dynamics of the leaky stopband revealing principal Bragg diffraction processes responsible for band-gap size and band closure conditions. We review Bloch wave vector control of spectral characteristics in terms of distinct evanescent diffraction channels driving designated Bloch modes in the lattice.