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Title: A Model for the Onset of Self-gravitation and Star Formation in Molecular Gas Governed by Galactic Forces. II. The Bottleneck to Collapse Set by Cloud–Environment Decoupling
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The Astrophysical Journal
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National Science Foundation
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  1. A single panel of a comic book can say a lot: it can depict not only where the characters currently are, but also their motions, their motivations, their emotions, and what they might do next. More generally, humans routinely infer complex sequences of past and future events from a static snapshot of a dynamic scene, even in situations they have never seen before. In this paper, we model how humans make such rapid and flexible inferences. Building on a long line of work in cognitive science, we offer a Monte Carlo algorithm whose inferences correlate well with human intuitions in a wide variety of domains, while only using a small, cognitively-plausible number of samples. Our key technical insight is a surprising connection between our inference problem and Monte Carlo path tracing, which allows us to apply decades of ideas from the computer graphics community to this seemingly-unrelated theory of mind task. 
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    The influence of pentafluorosulfanylation on biological activity has been revealed in numerous comparative studies of biologically active compounds, but considerably less is known about the influence of pentafluorosulfanylation on reactivity. Among the distinctive properties of the pentafluorosulfanyl group is the profound dipole moment that results from introduction of this substituent. It has been shown that dipolar effects coupled with the steric demand of the SF 5 group may be employed to influence the stereochemistry of reactions, especially those processes with significant charge separation in the transition state. The Staudinger ketene-imine cycloaddition reaction is an ideal platform for investigation of dipolar control of diastereoselectivity by the pentafluorosulfanyl group. 
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