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Title: International perspectives on microwave heating in organic synthesis.
After some initial false-starts, the international synthetic organic community is slowing warming to the possibility of certain strategic advantages of microwave heating in chemical synthesis.  more » « less
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Kagaku To Kogyo
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National Science Foundation
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    The droplet-based microreactors in microfluidic systems have been used to synthesize nanocrystals of a variety of metals and semiconductors, which involves the nucleation and growth processes. Considering the limited numbers of solvent atoms and solute atoms/particles in a stationary droplet, we derive analytical expressions of the changes of the Gibbs free energy and the Helmholtz free energy for the concurrent formation of multiple microclusters of the same size in the liquid droplet. Both the changes of the Gibbs free energy and the Helmholtz free energy are dependent on the ratio of the number of microclusters to the solvent atoms and the interface energy between the solution and the microclusters. Using the change of the free energy, which is an approximation of the Gibbs free energy and the Helmholtz free energy, we obtain the critical nucleation number of the solute atoms/particles in the microclusters for the concurrent nucleation of multiple nuclei of the same size. The critical nucleation number of the solute atoms/particles is dependent on the ratio of the number of nuclei in the droplet to the solvent atoms, and the maximum change of the free energy for the concurrent nucleation of multiple nuclei of the same size increases with the increase of the ratio of the number of the nuclei in the droplet to the number of the solvent atoms. 
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  2. Abstract This analysis of the long-term optical activity of the propellers AE Aqr and AR Sco uses data from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey, DASCH, and AAVSO. The site and character of the emissions from the phenomena caused by the magnetic field of the white dwarf (WD) vary from system to system. The histogram of intensities of the ensemble of flares of AE Aqr suggests that the long-term activity consists of a large variety of the peak magnitudes of the flares, with the probability of their detection gradually decreasing with increasing intensity. Any increase of activity only leads to an increase of the number of blobs of the transferring matter. We also detected a season with a transient decrease or even a cessation of the mass outflow from the donor to the lobe of the WD. The very strong orbital modulation of AR Sco is most stable in the phases of the extrema of brightness for about a century; its minor changes suggest that the trailing side of the synchrotron-emitting region is more unstable than the leading side. 
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    ABSTRACT We have carried out a set of Monte Carlo simulations to study a number of fundamental aspects of the dynamical evolution of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters with different initial masses, fractions of second generation (2G) stars, and structural properties. Our simulations explore and elucidate: (1) the role of early and long-term dynamical processes and stellar escape in the evolution of the fraction of 2G stars and the link between the evolution of the fraction of 2G stars and various dynamical parameters; (2) the link between the fraction of 2G stars inside the cluster and in the population of escaping stars during a cluster’s dynamical evolution; (3) the dynamics of the spatial mixing of the first-generation (1G) and 2G stars and the details of the structural properties of the two populations as they evolve toward mixing; (4) the implications of the initial differences between the spatial distribution of 1G and 2G stars for the evolution of the anisotropy in the velocity distribution and the expected radial profile of the 1G and 2G anisotropy for clusters at different stages of their dynamical history; and (5) the variation of the degree of energy equipartition of the 1G and the 2G populations as a function of the distance from the cluster’s centre and the cluster’s evolutionary phase. 
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  4. Based on remote sensing data, the authors consider the features of the formation and use of green spaces in the city of Nadym (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area). They give a detailed assessment of the availability of green infrastructure for the inhabitants of Nadym based on a comparison of the spatial distribution of vegetation and the urban population. During the construction of the city, there was a dramatic reduction in the area of vegetation cover, which reached its maximum during active construction in the 1980s. After the completion of the main construction stage and until now, there has been a steady increase in the share of vegetation, which is explained by active landscaping activities against the backdrop of climate softening. The authors have find out that while maintaining the high availability of open green spaces within the city, the main lack of vegetation is observed within the residential development of microdistricts. The methodology for the integrated use of medium and ultra-high resolution space images, UAV surveys, detailed mapping of residential buildings and field geobotanical descriptions tested during the study can be used in a detailed analysis of the state of the green infrastructure of other cities in the north of Western Siberia. In general, the assessment of the green infrastructure availability in the Arctic cities is of great importance for urban planning, allowing to fully take into account the regional environmental needs of local residents, in the context of the heterogeneity of their distribution. 
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  5. Abstract Objective . In the presence of oscillatory electric fields, the motion of electrolyte ions in biological tissues is often limited by the confinement created by cell and organelle walls. This confinement induces the organization of the ions into dynamic double layers. This work determines the contribution of these double layers to the bulk conductivity and permittivity of tissues. Approach . Tissues are modeled as repeated units of electrolyte regions separated by dielectric walls. Within the electrolyte regions, a coarse-grained model is used to describe the associated ionic charge distribution. The model emphasizes the role of the displacement current in addition to the ionic current and enables the evaluation of macroscopic conductivities and permittivities. Main results . We obtain analytical expressions for the bulk conductivity and permittivity as a function of the frequency of the oscillatory electric field. These expressions explicitly include the geometric information of the repeated structure and the contribution of the dynamic double layers. The low-frequency limit of the conductivity expression yields a result predicted by the Debye permittivity form. The model also provides a microscopic interpretation of the Maxwell–Wagner effect. Significance . The results obtained contribute to the interpretation of the macroscopic measurements of electrical properties of tissues in terms of their microscopic structure. The model enables a critical assessment of the justification for the use of macroscopic models to analyze the transmission of electrical signals through tissues. 
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