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Title: HATS-47b, HATS-48Ab, HATS-49b, and HATS-72b: Four Warm Giant Planets Transiting K Dwarfs
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  1. Expectations for faculty members in the 21st century are high: Early career STEM faculty are expected to establish a sustainable research trajectory, a teaching practice, and a leadership role all while pursuing tenure success. Many colleges and universities have established faculty development programs, but there remains a deficiency in holistic professional support that integrates these disparate professional activities and aligns them with desired individual and institutional goals, especially for faculty in STEM. This paper will summarize an NSF funded workshop (NSF grant #EEC-1638888) designed to bring together multiple stakeholders in academia, government, and industry to begin to establish a researchmore »agenda for holistic STEM faculty development. This workshop was held February 17-18, 2017.« less