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Title: Chemistry of Metal Silicates and Germanates: The Largest Metal Polygermanate, K 11 Mn 21 Ge 32 O 86 (OH) 9 (H 2 O), with a 76 Å Periodic Lattice
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Inorganic Chemistry
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16804 to 16808
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract We report the growth of α -Ga 2 O 3 on m -plane α -Al 2 O 3 by conventional plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy and In-mediated metal–oxide-catalyzed epitaxy (MOCATAXY). We report a growth rate diagram for α -Ga 2 O 3 ( 10 1 ¯ 0 ), and observe (i) a growth rate increase, (ii) an expanded growth window, and (iii) reduced out-of-lane mosaic spread when MOCATAXY is employed for the growth of α -Ga 2 O 3 . Through the use of In-mediated catalysis, growth rates over 0.2 μ m h −1 and rocking curves with full width at half maxima of Δ ω ≈ 0.45° are achieved. Faceting is observed along the α -Ga 2 O 3 film surface and explored through scanning transmission electron microscopy. 
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  2. Abstract

    High quality dielectric‐semiconductor interfaces are critical for reliable high‐performance transistors. This paper reports the in situ metal–organic chemical vapor deposition of Al2O3on β‐Ga2O3as a potentially better alternative to the most commonly used atomic layer deposition (ALD). The growth of Al2O3is performed in the same reactor as Ga2O3using trimethylaluminum and O2as precursors without breaking the vacuum at a growth temperature of 600 °C. The fast and slow near interface traps at the Al2O3/β‐Ga2O3interface are identified and quantified using stressed capacitance–voltage (CV) measurements on metal oxide semiconductor capacitor (MOSCAP) structures. The density of shallow and deep level initially filled traps (Dit) are measured using ultraviolet‐assisted CV technique. The average Ditfor the MOSCAP is determined to be 6.4×1011cm−2eV−1. The conduction band offset of the Al2O3/ Ga2O3interface is also determined from CV measurements and found out to be 1.7 eV which is in close agreement with the existing literature reports of ALD Al2O3/Ga2O3interface. The current–voltage characteristics are also analyzed and the average breakdown field is extracted to be approximately 5.8 MV cm−1. This in situ Al2O3dielectric on β‐Ga2O3with improved dielectric properties can enable Ga2O3‐based high‐performance devices.

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