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Title: Crystallization of the P 3 Sn 4 Phase upon Cooling P 2 Sn 5 Liquid by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Using a Machine Learning Interatomic Potential
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1918134 1918126
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
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3127 to 3133
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National Science Foundation
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  1. A novel antiferromagnetic semiconductor, Eu 3 Sn 2 P 4 , has been discovered. Single crystals of Eu 3 Sn 2 P 4 were prepared using the Sn self-flux method. The crystal structure determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction shows that Eu 3 Sn 2 P 4 crystallizes in the orthorhombic structure with the space group Cmca (Pearson Symbol, oP 216). Six Sn–Sn dimers connected by P atoms form a Sn 12 P 24 crown-shaped cluster with a Eu atom located in the center. Magnetization measurements indicate that the system orders antiferromagnetically below a T N ∼14 K at a low field and undergoes a metamagnetic transition at a high field when T < T N . The effective magnetic moment is 7.41(3) μ B per Eu, corresponding to Eu 2+ . The electric resistivity reveals a non-monotonic temperature dependence with non-metallic behavior below ∼60 K, consistent with the band structure calculations. By fitting the data using the thermally activated resistivity formula, we estimate the energy gap to be ∼0.14 eV. Below T N , the resistivity tends to saturate, suggesting the reduction of charge-spin scattering. 
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  2. Abstract

    Eu5Sn2As6is a Zintl phase crystalizing in the orthorhombic space groupPbamwith one‐dimensional chains of corner‐shared SnAs4tetrahedra running in thec‐direction. Eu5Sn2As6has an impressive room temperature Seebeck of >100 μV/K and < – 100 μV/K at 600 K crossing fromp‐ ton‐type at 650 K. The maximum thermoelectric figure of merit,zT, for Eu5Sn2As6is small (0.075), comparable to that of the Zintl phase Ca5Al2Sb6whose thermoelectric performance was improved by doping Na onto the Ca sites. In this study, we show that the thermoelectric properties of Eu5Sn2As6can be improved by substituting with K or La. The series Eu5‐xKxSn2As6provides an increase in maximumzTof 0.22 forx=0.15 due to a decrease resistivity while the onset of bipolar conduction systematically increases in temperature. Upon La substitution, Eu5‐xLaxSn2As6results in a newn‐type Zintl phase across the temperature range of 300–800 K.

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  3. Half a century since the photocatalytic disproportionation of Lappert's dialkyl stannylene SnR 2 , R = CH(SiMe 3 ) 2 (1) gave the persistent trivalent radical [·SnR 3 ], the characterization of the corresponding Sn(I) product, ·SnR is now described. It was isolated as the hexastannaprismane Sn 6 R 6 (2), from the reduction of 1 by the Mg(I)-reagent, Mg(BDI Dip ) 2 , (BDI = (DipNCMe) 2 CH, Dip + 2,6-diisopropylphenyl). 
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