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Title: Effects of Powder Particle Size on Fatigue Performance of Laser Powder-Bed Fused Ti-6Al-4V
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Fatigue Design 2021, 9th Edition of the International Conference on Fatigue Design
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National Science Foundation
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  2. This study investigates the use of hydride-dehydride non-spherical Ti-6Al-4V powders in laser powder bed fusion process and the effects of post-heat-treatments on additively manufactured parts. As-built parts show anisotropic microstructure with α′ martensite and some β phases. Post heat-treated parts exhibit α + β phases, with characteristics dependent on the heat treatment. Heat treatment below β-transus leads to homogenized grain structures with improved corrosion resistance. Electrochemical analysis reveals a very stable corrosion rate due to faster formation of a protective passive layer aided by the fine-structured β phase. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy examines corrosion behavior and film growth mechanism in saline water. 
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