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Title: Imaging by intensity interferometry of x-ray fluorescence at a compact x-ray free-electron laser
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1935994 1632780 1943448
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Physical Review A
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National Science Foundation
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  1. A set of 20 single crystal diamond plates synthesized using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was studied using X-ray diffraction imaging to determine their applicability as side-bounce (single-reflection) Laue monochromators for synchrotron radiation. The crystal plates were of optical grade (as provided by the supplier) with (001) nominal surface orientation. High dislocation density was found for all samples. Distortions in the crystal lattice were quantified for low-index Laue reflections of interests using rocking curve topography. Maps of effective radius of curvature in the scattering plane were calculated using spline interpolation of the rocking curve peak position across the studied plates. For several selected plates, nearly flat regions with large effective radius of curvature were found ( R 0 ≳ 30 - 70 m, some regions as large as 1 × 4 mm 2 ). The average width of the rocking curve for these regions was found to be about 150 μ rad (r.m.s.). These observations suggest that the selected CVD diamond plates could be used as intermediate-bandwidth monochromators refocusing the radiation source to a specific location downstream with close to 1:1 distance ratio.