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Title: Named Entity Recognition with Small Strongly Labeled and Large Weakly Labeled Data
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Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract How can we evaluate the performance of a disambiguation method implemented on big bibliographic data? This study suggests that the open researcher profile system, ORCID, can be used as an authority source to label name instances at scale. This study demonstrates the potential by evaluating the disambiguation performances of Author-ity2009 (which algorithmically disambiguates author names in MEDLINE) using 3 million name instances that are automatically labeled through linkage to 5 million ORCID researcher profiles. Results show that although ORCID-linked labeled data do not effectively represent the population of name instances in Author-ity2009, they do effectively capture the ‘high precision over high recall’ performances of Author-ity2009. In addition, ORCID-linked labeled data can provide nuanced details about the Author-ity2009’s performance when name instances are evaluated within and across ethnicity categories. As ORCID continues to be expanded to include more researchers, labeled data via ORCID-linkage can be improved in representing the population of a whole disambiguated data and updated on a regular basis. This can benefit author name disambiguation researchers and practitioners who need large-scale labeled data but lack resources for manual labeling or access to other authority sources for linkage-based labeling. The ORCID-linked labeled data for Author-ity2009 are publicly available formore »validation and reuse.« less