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Title: Causal structure discovery between clusters of nodes induced by latent factors”, Causal Learning and Reasoning
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CIFAR Clear 2022
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Path-specific effect analysis is a powerful tool in causal inference. This paper provides a definition of causal counterfactual path-specific importance score for the structural causal model (SCM). Different from existing path-specific effect definitions, which focus on the population level, the score defined in this paper can quantify the impact of a decision variable on an outcome variable along a specific pathway at the individual level. Moreover, the score has many desirable properties, including following the chain rule and being consistent. Finally, this paper presents an algorithm that can leverage these properties and find the k-most important paths with the highest importance scores in a causal graph effectively.

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  2. Many applications of computational social science aim to infer causal conclusions from non-experimental data. Such observational data often contains confounders, variables that influence both potential causes and potential effects. Unmeasured or latent confounders can bias causal estimates, and this has motivated interest in measuring potential confounders from observed text. For example, an individual’s entire history of social media posts or the content of a news article could provide a rich measurement of multiple confounders.Yet, methods and applications for this problem are scattered across different communities and evaluation practices are inconsistent.This review is the first to gather and categorize these examples and provide a guide to data-processing and evaluation decisions. Despite increased attention on adjusting for confounding using text, there are still many open problems, which we highlight in this paper. 
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