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Title: Dynamic Maxflow via Dynamic Interior Point Methods
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Proceedings of the 55th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC 2023)
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1215 to 1228
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National Science Foundation
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  2. This paper presents an attention-based, deep learning framework that converts robot camera frames with dynamic content into static frames to more easily apply simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms. The vast majority of SLAM methods have difficulty in the presence of dynamic objects appearing in the environment and occluding the area being captured by the camera. Despite past attempts to deal with dynamic objects, challenges remain to reconstruct large, occluded areas with complex backgrounds. Our proposed Dynamic-GAN framework employs a generative adversarial network to remove dynamic objects from a scene and inpaint a static image free of dynamic objects. The Dynamic-GAN framework utilizes spatial-temporal transformers, and a novel spatial-temporal loss function. The evaluation of Dynamic-GAN was comprehensively conducted both quantitatively and qualitatively by testing it on benchmark datasets, and on a mobile robot in indoor navigation environments. As people appeared dynamically in close proximity to the robot, results showed that large, feature-rich occluded areas can be accurately reconstructed with our attention-based deep learning framework for dynamic object removal. Through experiments we demonstrate that our proposed algorithm has up to 25% better performance on average as compared to the standard benchmark algorithms. 
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