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Title: "Walk, Walk, Walk": Identifying Computational Thinking in Embodied Models Through Movement
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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association 2023.
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National Science Foundation
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    Prior work in natural-language-driven navigation demonstrates success in systems deployed in synthetic environments or applied to large datasets, both real and synthetic. However, there is an absence of such frameworks being deployed and rigorously tested in real environments, unknown a priori. In this paper, we present a novel framework that uses spoken dialogue with a real person to interpret a set of navigational instructions into a plan and subsequently execute that plan in a novel, unknown, indoor environment. This framework is implemented on a real robot and its performance is evaluated in 39 trials across 3 novel test-building environments. We also demonstrate that our approach outperforms three prior vision-and-language navigation methods in this same environment. 
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  2. Research on early language abilities, much like psychology more broadly, has focused almost exclusively on infants from English and Indo-European languages, thereby limiting understanding of the role of varying linguistic experience that supports language abilities. We underscore Kidd and Garcia’s call to expand, diversify, and globalize language research. Using examples from motor development in which universality has long been assumed, we argue that embracing a cross-cultural perspective enriches theories of development more broadly. We conclude with suggestions for future directions.

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