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  1. Emerging multimedia applications often use a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) infrastructure to stream content. These Wi-Fi deployments vary vastly in terms of their system configurations. In this paper, we take a step toward characterizing the Quality of Experience (QoE) of volumetric video streaming over an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network to: (i) understand the impact of Wi-Fi control parameters on user QoE, (ii) analyze the relation between Quality of Service (QoS) metrics of Wi-Fi networks and application QoE, and (iii) compare the QoE of volumetric video streaming to traditional 2D video applications. We find that Wi-Fi configuration parameters such as channel width, radio interface, access category, and priority queues are important for optimizing Wi-Fi networks for streaming immersive videos. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 10, 2024
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