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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 1, 2024
  2. Calotescu, Ileana ; Chitez, Adriana ; Coşoiu, Costin ; Vlăduţ, Alexandru Cezar (Ed.)
    The paper expands a recently developed model that examines the stochastic stability of a torsional-flutter-based harvester. The new model accounts for both uncertainty in the aeroelastic loads and wind turbulence in the incoming flow. Since the blade-airfoil is three-dimensional, three-dimensional flow effect are simulated through η3D, i.e., a reduction parameter of the static lift slope, dependent on the aspect ratio of the apparatus. The first uncertainty source is a byproduct of the modelling simplifications of the aeroelastic loads, which are described by indicial function approach and ideally applicable to two-dimensional flow. The second source is the flow turbulence that operates by modifying the Parametric stochastic perturbations are applied to the parameter describing the memory-effect of the load, simulating “imperfections” in the load measurement and approximate description through η3D. Stochastic flutter stability is examined by mean squares. Post-critical states are also discussed. 
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