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  5. The COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected graduate education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It disrupted the learning and career development including in-person laboratory research activities and mentoring meetings. Since early 2000s, STEM graduate schools have been promoting the use of individual development plans (IDPs), which provide formalized mentorship, to support graduate students' academic and career success. It is unclear whether and to what extent the IDPs play a role in promoting mentoring and career-relevant outcomes among students during the crisis. This study presents some of the first evidence on the interrelationships of IDP status, mentoring support andmore »satisfaction, and career attitudes with a diverse nationwide sample of STEM graduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic.« less
  6. Binary granular soil mixtures, as common heterogeneous soils, are ubiquitous in nature and man-made deposits. Fines content and particle size ratio are two important gradation parameters for a binary mixture, which have potential influences on mechanical behaviours. However, experimental studies on drained shear behaviour considering the whole range of fines content and different particle size ratios are scarce in the literature. For this purpose, we performed a series of drained triaxial compression tests on dense binary silica sand mixtures with 4 different particle size ratios to systematically investigate the effects of fines content and particle size ratio on the drainedmore »shear behaviours. Based on these tests, the strength-dilation behaviour and critical state behaviour were examined. It was observed that both fines content and particle size ratio have significant influence on the stress-strain response, the critical state void ratio, the critical state friction angle, the maximum dilation angle, the peak friction angle, and the strength–dilatancy relation. The underlying mechanism for the effects of fines content and particle size ratio was discussed from the perspective of the kinematic movements at particle level.« less