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  1. Understanding high school students’ perceptions and dispositions toward STEM, and the role science and math self-efficacy play in establishing STEM career aspirations is imperative to preparing the STEM workforce of the future. Project STEMulate is an industry-aligned and technology-rich Problem-based Learning (PBL) model. The goal of this NSF ITEST grant-funded study (2018-2020) was to improve students’ attitudes towards STEM. Project STEMulate focuses on Upward Bound students in Hawaiˋi and was implemented at three sites: Maui, Hilo, and Oahu. The participants voluntarily selected to participate in this program. The current study reviews year one data collected on the impact of Project STEMulate on low-income and underrepresented and/or native Hawaiian students' STEM career interest, and their science self-efficacy. Students’ reactions to the STEM learning experience were extremely positive. 80% of students expressed a desire to pursue a career in STEM at the post test. High school students who listed their plan to pursue a career in STEM also showed a higher self-efficacy and motivation. Analysis of the results demonstrates this program was effective in empowering students with insights into careers, enhancing knowledge that would serve them in pursuit of a career in STEM. In addition, the project fostered a can-do attitude andmore »increased students’ science self- efficacy.« less