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  4. Block-based programming languages reduce the need to learn low-level programming syntax while enabling novice learners to focus on computational thinking skills. Game-based learning environments have been shown to create effective and engaging learning experiences for students in a broad range of educational domains. The fusion of block-based programming with game-based learning offers significant potential to motivate learners to develop computational thinking skills. A key challenge educational game developers face in creating rich, interactive learning experiences that integrate computational thinking activities is the lack of an embeddable block-based programming toolkit. Current block-based programming languages, such as Blockly and Scratch, cannot be easily embedded into industry-standard 3D game engines. This paper presents IntelliBlox, a Blockly-inspired toolkit for the Unity cross-platform game engine that enables learners to create block-based programs within immersive game-based learning environments. Our experience using IntelliBlox suggests that it is an effective toolkit for integrating block-based programming challenges into game-based learning environments. 
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