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  2. Prototyping of van der Waals materials on dense nanophotonic devices requires high-precision monolayer discrimination to avoid bulk material contamination. We use the glass transition temperature of polycarbonate, used in the standard dry transfer process, to draw an in situ point for the precise pickup of two-dimensional materials. We transfer transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers onto a large-area silicon nitride spiral waveguide and silicon nitride ring resonators to demonstrate the high-precision contamination-free nature of the modified dry transfer method. Our improved local transfer technique is a necessary step for the deterministic integration of high-quality van der Waals materials onto nanocavities for the exploration of few-photon nonlinear optics on a high-throughput, nanofabrication-compatible platform.

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  3. Abstract Unprecedented material compatibility and ease of integration, in addition to the unique and diverse optoelectronic properties of layered materials, have generated significant interest in their utilization in nanophotonic devices. While initial nanophotonic experiments with layered materials primarily focused on light sources, modulators, and detectors, recent efforts have included nonlinear optical devices. In this paper, we review the current state of cavity-enhanced nonlinear optics with layered materials. Along with conventional nonlinear optics related to harmonic generation, we report on emerging directions of nonlinear optics, where layered materials can potentially play a significant role. 
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