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  1. AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AP) is an emerging industry standard that tackles the challenges of modern auto- motive software design, but does not provide adequate mech- anisms to enforce deterministic execution. This poses profound challenges to testing and maintenance of the application software, which is particularly problematic for safety-critical applications. In this paper, we analyze the problem of nondeterminism in AP and propose a framework for the design of deterministic automotive software that transparently integrates with the AP communication mechanisms. We illustrate our approach in a case study based on the brake assistant demonstrator application that is provided by the AUTOSAR consortium. We show that the original implementation is nondeterministic and discuss a deterministic solution based on our framework.
  2. Programming time-critical systems is notoriously difficult. In this paper we propose an actor-oriented programming model with a semantic notion of time and a deterministic coordination semantics based on discrete events to exercise precise control over both the computational and timing aspects of the system behavior.