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  1. We consider the prediction of the Hamiltonian matrix, which finds use in quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics. Efficiency and equiv- ariance are two important, but conflicting factors. In this work, we propose a SE(3)-equivariant net- work, named QHNet, that achieves efficiency and equivariance. Our key advance lies at the inno- vative design of QHNet architecture, which not only obeys the underlying symmetries, but also en- ables the reduction of number of tensor products by 92%. In addition, QHNet prevents the expo- nential growth of channel dimension when more atom types are involved. We perform experiments on MD17 datasets, including four molecular sys- tems. Experimental results show that our QHNet can achieve comparable performance to the state of the art methods at a significantly faster speed. Besides, our QHNet consumes 50% less mem- ory due to its streamlined architecture. Our code is publicly available as part of the AIRS library ( 
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