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  1. Lexical selection, functional hierarchies, and adjunct ordering are arguably distinct parts of syntax, yet are surprisingly similar in their computational properties. All three fall within the formal class strictly local (SL) and thus are maximally simple. Many phonological patterns are also SL, motivating a more detailed comparison. Towards this end, I develop a model based on com- mand strings (Graf & Shafiei 2019) which allows syntactic and phonological grammars to be visualized using finite-state automata. Using this model, I show that the same basic patterns allowed within SL occur in both domains. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available December 31, 2024
  2. Free, publicly-accessible full text available February 14, 2025
  3. Recent work in subregular syntax has revealed deep parallels among syntactic phenomena, many of which fall under the computational class TSL (Graf, 2018, 2022). Vu et al. (2019) argue that case dependencies are yet another member of this class. But their analysis focuses mainly on English, which is famously case-poor. In this paper I present a TSL analysis of Japanese, which features a much wider range of case-marking patterns, adding support to the claim that case dependencies, and by extension syntactic dependencies, are TSL. 
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  4. Metal ion-linked multilayers have emerged as a simple and modular means of assembling molecular components on an inorganic substrate. The choice of molecules, based on their excited state energies and redox potentials, has enabled the directional control of energy and electron transfer events for application in electrochromics, solar energy harvesting, molecular rectifiers, photocatalysis, and more. Here, we recount the more than 35-year journey of metal ion-linked multilayers and their transition from planar to mesoporous substrates and from homogeneous to heterogeneous multilayers. This includes showcasing the vast range of components (i.e., substrates, metal ions, and molecules), structural insights, and applications. We also highlight current limitations in our knowledge of and ability to control these systems which must be overcome to realize the full potential of metal ion-linked multilayers. 
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  5. Intermolecular interactions on inorganic substrates can have a critical impact on the electrochemical and photophysical properties of the materials and subsequent performance in hybrid electronics. Critical to the intentional formation or inhibition of these processes is controlling interactions between molecules on a surface. In this report, we investigated the impact of surface loading and atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 overlayers on the intermolecular interactions of a ZrO2-bound anthracene derivative as probed by the photophysical properties of the interface. While surface loading density had no impact on the absorption spectra of the films, there was an increase in excimer features with surface loading as observed by both emission and transient absorption. The addition of ALD overlayers of Al2O3 resulted in a decrease in excimer formation, but the emission and transient absorption spectra were still dominated by excimer features. These results suggest that ALD may provide a post-surface loading means of influencing such intermolecular interactions. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available June 1, 2024
  6. We fuse two recent strands of work in subregular linguistics—probabilistic tier projections (Mayer, 2021) and tier-based perspectives on movement (Graf, 2022a)—into a probabilistic model of syntax that makes it easy to add gradience to traditional, categorical analyses from the syntactic literature. As a case study, we test this model on experimental data from Sprouse et al. (2016) for a number of island effects in English. We show that the model correctly replicates the superadditive effects and gradience that have been observed in the psycholinguistic literature. 
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  7. Triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion (TTA-UC) is a process that shows promise for applications such as energy-harvesting and light-generation technologies. The irradiance dependent performance of TTA-UC systems is typically gauged using a graphical analysis, rather than a detailed model. Additionally, kinetic models for TTA-UC rarely incorporate mass conservation, which is a phenomenon that can have important consequences under experimentally relevant conditions. We present an analytical, mass-conserving kinetic model for TTA-UC, and demonstrate that the mass-conservation constraint cannot generally be ignored. This model accounts for saturation in TTA-UC data. Saturation complicates the interpretation of the threshold irradiance I th , a popular performance metric. We propose two alternative figures of merit for overall performance. Finally, we show that our model can robustly fit experimental data from a wide variety of sensitized TTA-UC systems, enabling the direct and accurate determination of I th and of our proposed performance metrics. We employ this fitting procedure to benchmark and compare these metrics, using data from the literature. 
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