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  3. On-orbit servicing of satellites is complicated by the fact that almost all existing satellites were not designed to be serviced. This creates a number of challenges, one of which is to cut and partially remove the protective thermal blanketing that encases a satellite prior to performing the servicing operation. A human operator on Earth can perform this task telerobotically, but must overcome difficulties presented by the multi-second round-trip telemetry delay between the satellite and the operator and the limited, or even obstructed, views from the available cameras. This paper reports the results of ground-based experiments with trained NASA robot teleoperators to compare our recently-reported augmented virtuality visualization to the conventional camera-based visualization. We also compare the master console of a da Vinci surgical robot to the conventional teleoperation interface. The results show that, for the cutting task, the augmented virtuality visualization can improve operator performance compared to the conventional visualization, but that operators are more proficient with the conventional control interface than with the da Vinci master console. 
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