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  1. RAFT step-growth polymerizationviathe Z-group approach was developed, offering a facile method to prepare deconstructable (multiblock) polymers by combining RAFT chain-growth polymerization and RAFT interchange.

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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available March 27, 2025
  2. Here we report one-pot stimuli-responsive tandem degradation of a graft copolymer with alternating backbone functionalities.

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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available December 19, 2024
  3. RAFT step-growth polymerization is an emerging method that synergistically combines the benefits of RAFT polymerization (functional group and user-friendly nature) and step-growth polymerization (versatility of the polymer backbone).

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  7. Tensor computations present significant performance challenges that impact a wide spectrum of applications. Efforts on improving the performance of tensor computations include exploring data layout, execution scheduling, and parallelism in common tensor kernels. This work presents a benchmark suite for arbitrary-order sparse tensor kernels using state-of-the-art tensor formats: coordinate (COO) and hierarchical coordinate (HiCOO). It demonstrates a set of reference tensor kernel implementations and some observations on Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. 
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