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  2. As distributed energy resources (DERs) are widely deployed, DC packetized power microgrids have been considered as a promising solution to incorporate DERs effectively and steadily. In this paper, we consider a DC packetized power microgrid, where the energy is dispatched in the form of power packets with the assist of a power router. However, the benefits of the microgrid can only be realized when energy subscribers (ESs) equipped with DERs actively participate in the energy market. Therefore, peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading is necessary in the DC packetized power microgrid to encourage the usage of DERs. Different from P2P energy trading in AC microgrids, the dispatching capability of the router needs to be considered in DC microgrids, which will complicate the trading problem. To tackle this challenge, we formulate the P2P trading problem as an auction game, in which the demander ESs submit bids to compete for power packets, and a controller decides the energy allocation and power packet scheduling. Analysis of the proposed scheme is provided, and its effectiveness is validated through simulation. 
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