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  1. We establish the Freidlin–Wentzell Large Deviation Principle (LDP) for the Stochastic Heat Equation with multiplicative noise in one spatial dimension. That is, we introduce a small parameter ε√ to the noise, and establish an LDP for the trajectory of the solution. Such a Freidlin–Wentzell LDP gives the short-time, one-point LDP for the KPZ equation in terms of a variational problem. Analyzing this variational problem under the narrow wedge initial data, we prove a quadratic law for the near-center tail and a 52 law for the deep lower tail. These power laws confirm existing physics predictions (Kolokolov and Korshunov in Phys Rev B 75(14):140201, 2007, Phys Rev E 80(3):031107, 2009; Meerson et al. in Phys Rev Lett 116(7):070601, 2016; Le Doussal et al. in Phys Rev Lett 117(7):070403, 2016; Kamenev et al. in Phys Rev E 94(3):032108, 2016). 
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