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  1. Abstract

    We derive sparse bounds for the bilinear spherical maximal function in any dimension . When , this immediately recovers the sharp bound of the operator and implies quantitative weighted norm inequalities with respect to bilinear Muckenhoupt weights, which seems to be the first of their kind for the operator. The key innovation is a group of newly developed continuity improving estimates for the single‐scale bilinear spherical averaging operator.

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  2. null (Ed.)
  3. The article arXiv:1309.0945 by Do and Thiele develops a theory of Carleson embeddings in outer Lp spaces for the wave packet transform of functions in L^p, in the 2≤p≤∞ range referred to as local L^2. In this article, we formulate a suitable extension of this theory to exponents 1 more » « less