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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available December 31, 2024
  2. Abstract

    Chromatin remodelers use a helicase-type ATPase motor to shift DNA around the histone core. Although not directly reading out the DNA sequence, some chromatin remodelers exhibit a sequence-dependent bias in nucleosome positioning, which presumably reflects properties of the DNA duplex. Here, we show how nucleosome positioning by the Chd1 remodeler is influenced by local DNA perturbations throughout the nucleosome footprint. Using site-specific DNA cleavage coupled with next-generation sequencing, we show that nucleosomes shifted by Chd1 can preferentially localize DNA perturbations – poly(dA:dT) tracts, DNA mismatches, and single-nucleotide insertions – about a helical turn outside the Chd1 motor domain binding site, super helix location 2 (SHL2). This phenomenon occurs with both the Widom 601 positioning sequence and the natural +1 nucleosome sequence from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae SWH1 gene. Our modeling indicates that localization of DNA perturbations about a helical turn outward from SHL2 results from back-and-forth sliding due to remodeler action on both sides of the nucleosome. Our results also show that barrier effects from DNA perturbations can be extended by the strong phasing of nucleosome positioning sequences.

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  3. Free, publicly-accessible full text available February 15, 2025