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  1. Significant increase in high-resolution satellite data requires more productive analysis methods to benefit data scientists. Interactive exploration is essential to productivity since it keeps the user en- gaged by providing quick responses. This paper addresses the pro- gressive zonal statistics problem that given big satellite data, an aggregate function, and a set of query polygons, zonal statistics computes the aggregate function for each query polygon over raster data. Efficiently querying complex polygons, reading high resolu- tion pixels and process multiple polygons simultaneously are three main challenges. This work introduces Viper, an interactive explo- ration pipeline to overcome these challenges and achieve require- ments. Viper uses a raster-vector index to bootstrap the answer with an accurate result in a short time. Then, it progressively refines the answer using a priority processing algorithm to produce the final answer. Experiments on large-scale real data show that Viper can reach 90% accuracy or higher up-to two orders of magnitude faster than baseline algorithms. 
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