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  1. Mamyshev oscillators produce high-performance pulses, but technical and practical issues render them unsuitable for widespread use. Here we present a Mamyshev oscillator with several key design features that enable self-starting operation and unprecedented performance and simplicity from an all-fiber laser. The laser generates 110 nJ pulses that compress to 40 fs and 80 nJ with a grating pair. The pulse energy and duration are both the best achieved by a femtosecond all-fiber laser to date, to our knowledge, and the resulting peak power of 1.5 MW is 20 times higher than that of prior all-fiber, self-starting lasers. The simplicity of the design, ease of use, and pulse performance make this laser an attractive tool for practical applications.

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  2. We present a spatiotemporally mode-locked Mamyshev oscillator. A wide variety of multimode mode-locked states, with varying degrees of spatiotemporal coupling, are observed. We find that some control of the modal content of the output beam is possible through the cavity design. Comparison of simulations with experiments indicates that spatiotemporal mode locking (STML) is enabled by nonlinear intermodal interactions and spatial filtering, along with the Mamyshev mechanism. This work represents a first, to the best of our knowledge, exploration of STML in an oscillator with a Mamyshev saturable absorber.

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