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  1. Abstract

    We analyzed new recordings ofSPdKSseismic waveforms from a global set of broadband seismograms and horizontal tiltmeters from the Hi‐net array in Japan from 26 earthquakes in the Central American region. The anomalous waveforms are consistent with the presence of at least three ultralow‐velocity zones (ULVZs), on the core‐mantle boundary beneath northern Mexico and the southeastern United States. These ULVZs ring an area of high seismic wave speeds observed in tomographic models that has long been associated with past subduction. Waveform modeling using the PSVaxi method suggests that the ULVZs haveSandPwave velocity decreases of 40% and 10%, respectively. These velocity decreases are likely best explained by a partially molten origin where the melt is generated through melting of mid‐ocean ridge basalt atop the subducted slab.

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