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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available November 1, 2024
  2. The air quality inside airport terminal buildings is a lesser studied area compared to ambient air quality at the airport. The contribution of outdoor particulate matter (PM), aircraft traffic, and passenger traffic to indoor PM concentration is not well understood. Using the largest airport in Southeast Asia as the study site (extends 17.9 square kilometers), the objective of this paper is to conduct a preliminary analysis to examine the mass concentrations of fine particles, including PM1 and PM2.5, and coarse particles PM2.5–10 inside a four-story terminal building spanning 400,000 square meters in Jakarta, Indonesia. The results showed the indoor/outdoor (I/O) ratio of 0.42 for PM1 with 15-min time lag and 0.33 for PM2.5 with 30-min time lag. The aircraft traffic appeared to have a significant impact on indoor PM1 and PM2.5, whereas the passenger traffic showed an influence on indoor PM2.5–10. 
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