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  1. Abstract

    Critical metals of environmental and economic relevance can be found within complex mixtures, such as mine tailings, electronic waste and wastewater, at trace amounts. Specifically, gold is a critical metal that carries desired redox active properties in various applications, including modern electronics, medicine and chemical catalysis. Here we report the structuring of sub-micron Fe-BTC/PpPDA crystallites into larger 250 μm or 500 μm granules for continuous packed bed experiments for the precision separation of gold. The Structured Fe-BTC/PpPDA is highly crystalline and porous with a BET surface area of 750 m2 g-1. Further, the hybrid nanocomposite material maintains its selectivity for gold ions over common inorganic interferents. The structuring approach reported prevents excessive pressure drop and ensures stability over time and operation in a packed bed column. Further, we demonstrate that the Structured Fe-BTC/PpPDA can concentrate at least 42 wt. % of gold under a dynamic continuous flow operation. These findings highlight the potential of Structured Fe-BTC/PpPDA for practical applications in industry, particularly in the selective capture of gold from complex mixtures.

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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available December 11, 2024
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