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  1. A 40nm, 2.56mm2 , 2048-neuron globally asynchronous locally synchronous (GALS) spiking neural network (SNN) chip is presented. For scalability, we allow neurons to specialize to excitatory or inhibitory, and apply distance-based pruning to cut communication and memory. An asynchronous router limits the latency to 1.32ns per hop. The reduced traffic and lower latency allow the input channel to be parallelized to achieve 7.85GSOP/s at 0.7V, consuming 5.9pJ/SOP. 
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  2. In this paper we present three hardware architectures designed to accelerate the inference operation of a neuro-inspired sparse coding algorithm. The memory and communication requirement of the three architectures are compared, and we show that one architecture outperforms the other two in scalability. A hardware system consists of an accelerator and a general purpose processor is proposed for the inference and learning operation. Two optimizations are proposed to further improve the overall performance by skipping unnecessary computations and autonomously learning the feature set. 
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