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  1. Broadband quantum memory is critical to enabling the operation of emerging photonic quantum technology at high speeds. Here we review a central challenge to achieving broadband quantum memory in atomic ensembles—what we call the ‘linewidth-bandwidth mismatch’ problem—and the relative merits of various memory protocols and hardware used for accomplishing this task. We also review the theory underlying atomic ensemble quantum memory and its extensions to optimizing memory efficiency and characterizing memory sensitivity. Finally, we examine the state-of-the-art performance of broadband atomic ensemble quantum memories with respect to three key metrics: efficiency, memory lifetime, and noise. 
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  2. Hemmer, Philip R. ; Migdall, Alan L. (Ed.)
  3. We measure 95.6±0.3% storage efficiency of ultrafast photons in a collisionally broadened barium vapor quantum memory. We measure 31±1% total efficiency, limited by control field power, and a 0.515(6) ns lifetime, limited by motional dephasing.

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  4. We present our experimental results on generating photon pairs entangled in a transverse-mode Bell state in few-mode optical fiber by controlling the transverse mode of the pump to selectively excite spontaneous four-wave mixing processes.

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  5. We examine the sensitivity of Λ-type optical quantum memories to experimental fluctuations using a variance-based analysis. The results agree with physical interpretations of quantum memory protocols, and are important for practical implementations.

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