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  1. Abstract

    A new series of low‐valent dinuclear molybdenum complexes bearing phosphido or phosphinidene bridging ligands was synthesized as a structural model of heterogeneous metal phosphide catalysts. Addition of acid to a monocationic Mo2‐μ‐P complex results in phosphide protonation, affording a dicationic Mo2‐μ‐PH species. Alternatively, reaction of an isoelectronic Mo2‐μ‐P precursor with LiBEt3H gives a Mo2H‐μ‐P complex. Mixing these species, one bearing a Mo−H and the other a P−H bond, results in facile H2production at room temperature.

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  2. The reaction of a terminal Mo(II) nitride with a U(III) complex yields an heterodimetallic U-Mo nitride which is the first example of a transition metal-capped uranium nitride. The nitride is triply bonded to U(V) and singly bonded to Mo(0) and supports a U-Mo interaction. This compound shows reactivity toward CO oxidation. 
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