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  1. Abstract

    Regioselective hydrofunctionalization of alkynes represents a straightforward route to access alkenyl boronate and silane building blocks. In previously reported catalytic systems, high selectivity is achieved with a limited scope of substrates and/or reagents, with general solutions lacking. Herein, we describe a selective copper‐catalyzed Markovnikov hydrofunctionalization of terminal alkynes that is facilitated by strongly donating cyclic (alkyl)(amino)carbene (CAAC) ligands. Using this method, both alkyl‐ and aryl‐substituted alkynes are coupled with a variety of boryl and silyl reagents with high α‐selectivity. The reaction is scalable, and the products are versatile intermediates that can participate in various downstream transformations. Preliminary mechanistic experiments shed light on the role of CAAC ligands in this process.

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