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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available September 1, 2023
  2. Abstract Let $W$ be an irreducible complex reflection group acting on its reflection representation $V$. We consider the doubly graded action of $W$ on the exterior algebra $\wedge (V \oplus V^*)$ as well as its quotient $DR_W:= \wedge (V \oplus V^*)/ \langle \wedge (V \oplus V^*)^{W}_+ \rangle $ by the ideal generated by its homogeneous $W$-invariants with vanishing constant term. We describe the bigraded isomorphism type of $DR_W$; when $W = {{\mathfrak{S}}}_n$ is the symmetric group, the answer is a difference of Kronecker products of hook-shaped ${{\mathfrak{S}}}_n$-modules. We relate the Hilbert series of $DR_W$ to the (type A) Catalan and Narayana numbers and describe a standard monomial basis of $DR_W$ using a variant of Motzkin paths. Our methods are type-uniform and involve a Lefschetz-like theory, which applies to the exterior algebra $\wedge (V \oplus V^*)$.