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  1. Effective query optimization remains an open problem for Big Data Management Systems. In this work, we revisit an old idea, runtime dynamic optimization, and adapt it to a big data management system, AsterixDB. The approach runs in stages (re-optimization points), starting by first executing all predicates local to a single dataset. The intermediate result created by a stage is then used to re-optimize the remaining query. This re-optimization approach avoids inaccurate intermediate result cardinality estimates, thus leading to much better execution plans. While it introduces overhead for materializing intermediate results, experiments show that this overhead is relatively small and is an acceptable price to pay given the optimization benefits. 
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  2. In Proc. of the IEEE Int’l. Workshop on Benchmarking, Performance Tuning, and Optimization for Big Data Applications (BPOD 2022) 
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  3. Nambiar, R ; Poess, M. (Ed.)
    Database systems with hybrid data management support, referred to as HTAP or HOAP architectures, are gaining popularity. These first appeared in the relational world, and the CH-benCHmark (CH) was proposed in 2011 to evaluate such relational systems. Today, one finds NoSQL database systems gaining adoption for new applications. In this paper we present CH2, a new benchmark – created with CH as its starting point – aimed at evaluating hybrid data platforms in the document data management world. Like CH, CH2 borrows from and extends both TPC-C and TPC-H. Differences from CH include a document-oriented schema, a data generation scheme that creates a TPC-H-like history, and a “do over” of the CH queries that is more in line with TPC-H. This paper details shortcomings that we uncovered in CH, the design of CH2, and preliminary results from running CH2 against Couchbase Server 7.0 (whose Query and Analytics services provide HOAP support for NoSQL data). The results provide insight into the performance isolation and horizontal scalability properties of Couchbase Server 7.0 as well as demonstrating the efficacy of CH2 for evaluating such platforms. 
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