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  1. The NUMA architecture accommodates the hardware trend of an increasing number of CPU cores. It requires the coop- eration of memory allocators to achieve good performance for multithreaded applications. Unfortunately, existing allo- cators do not support NUMA architecture well. This paper presents a novel memory allocator – NUMAlloc , that is de- signed for the NUMA architecture. NUMAlloc is centered on a binding-based memory management. On top of it, NUMAl- loc proposes an “origin-aware memory management” to ensure the locality of memory allocations and deallocations, as well as a method called “incremental sharing” to balance the performance benefits and memory overhead of using transparent huge pages. According to our extensive evalua- tion, NUMAlloc hasthebestperformanceamongallevaluated allocators, running 15.7% faster than the second-best allo- cator (mimalloc), and 20.9% faster than the default Linux allocator with reasonable memory overhead. NUMAlloc is also scalable to 128 threads and is ready for deployment. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available June 18, 2024