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Title: EFM: Elastic Flash Management to Enhance Performance of Hybrid Flash Memory
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1854737 1812537
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Date Published:
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2021 IEEE 39th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)
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National Science Foundation
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  2. Reconstructing 3D objects in natural environments requires solving the ill-posed problem of geometry, spatially-varying material, and lighting estimation. As such, many approaches impractically constrain to a dark environment, use controlled lighting rigs, or use few handheld captures but suffer reduced quality. We develop a method that uses just two smartphone exposures captured in ambient lighting to reconstruct appearance more accurately and practically than baseline methods. Our insight is that we can use a flash/no-flash RGB-D pair to pose an inverse rendering problem using point lighting. This allows efficient differentiable rendering to optimize depth and normals from a good initialization and so also the simultaneous optimization of diffuse environment illumination and SVBRDF material. We find that this reduces diffuse albedo error by 25%, specular error by 46%, and normal error by 30% against single and paired-image baselines that use learning-based techniques. Given that our approach is practical for everyday solid objects, we enable photorealistic relighting for mobile photography and easier content creation for augmented reality. 
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